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The Disassembly

Click To EnlargeAfter removing the engine and body parts (including the tub) I was able to get a good look at the frame, suspension, and axles. From the beginning, it was clear I had my work cut out for me.

The frame was in rough shape. It had been in at least one accident. It was hit from the front left from what I could tell. The frame was bent and the front crossmember was broken. There was lots of rust and dirt that had built up over the last 40+ years. So a good media blasting was in order.

I contacted a shop that could to the media blasting, frame straightening, welding, and painting that was needed before I could look at beginning the rebuild. They did a nice job of fixing things up and when I got the frame back, it looked like new. I was ready to start putting things back on.

While the frame was in the shop getting its make over, I took the time to look at differentials. As it turned out, this was the key to discovering that my jeep was not actually a CJ3A at all, but in fact it was a CJ2A from '46-'48. You see, what I expected to find was a Dana 27 (front) and a Dana 44 (rear). What I found was a Dana 25 and Dana 41. That could only mean that this was a CJ2A from 1946-1948. Oh well, it's titled as a '53 CJ3A so it shall be a '53 CJ3A.

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