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tiresWell, "tire Day" finally arrived! I toiled over whether to go with 35s or 33s and settled on the 33-12.5-15s for several reasons.

  • The differential gears I used are 3.54s so using 35" tires would pose a bit of an under-geared situation, not good.
  • The jeep only has a 1" suspension lift and a 1.5" shackle lift. I ordered a 3" body lift to give the extra clearance needed and I think it will be perfect.
  • The V-8 combined with 35" tires running a Dana 35 up front sounds like trouble to me.

tiresAs it turns out, I think this is just the look I was aiming for. With the left side bolted up, the jeep took on a much more aggressive stance. The simulated beadlock and tread design are a perfect match.

The rims are Pro-Comp's Street-Lock, 15x10, steel wheels. The tires are also by Pro-Comp called X-Terrain in the 33x12.5x15 size. I got a great deal on them from our local 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers shop here in Jacksonville.


Here are two photos showing the addition of the 2" aluminum wheel spacers. It is kinda hard to see but you get the idea. They really push the wheel stance out where it should be. You may also notice the addition of a custom 6 point roll cage in the photo on the right. ( Sah-wheet! )