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The power steering upgrade is an essential part of making this Willys a reliable and fun jeep to drive. To complete the package, I used the Flaming River U-joints and 3/4" DD shafts which turned out great.

The steering column I used was from a 79' CJ-5 and it installed like it was designed for the Willy. The column support was bolted to the dash where the original column bolted in (with new holes drilled). I used a column support from Ididit to anchor it to the floor and this made everything very strong with no play or movement.

The column required a 1" - 48 splinned u-joint on one end with a 3/4 DD on the other. Then cut a 10" piece of 3/4 DD shaft and used a shaft support bearing mounted to the frame to make the turn around the engine possible.

I then added the remaining 3/4" DD u-joint and 3/4" DD shaft to the end of the supported steering shaft and finished the installation with a 13/16" - 36 splinned u-joint at the steering box.