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Roll Cage Install

Before Powdercoating
Roll Bar Pre-Powdercoating

I have been receiving some heat from my wife about the safety of the jeep. She is worried that my son, who will be driving the jeep when he turns 16, could end up in a roll over and be hurt.

In an attempt to ease her concerns, I wanted to have a 6 point roll cage for the jeep. I found a standard roll bar out of a CJ-5 and purchased it from a fella who has a jeep graveyard so to speak. I then took the roll bar down to a few fab shops and had one do the pipe bending and welding necessary to make it a 6 point cage.

Overall, I am very happy with the end result, although I think I may have paid more then I should have for all the work. When it is all said and done I have a little more than $900 smackers in it, powdercoating included.

The Roll Cage.jpg
The Finished Product!