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The Body Gets Some Color

My original plan was to go with a white and black color scheme. I had a picture of an old CJ-3a I clipped from a 4-Wheel mag about 12 years ago that was white and black and I always liked the look.

When it came time to make the decision on paint, I was sitting in a Whattaburger with my 15 year old son and I noticed a late model Corvette in the parking lot. The color just screamed at me. It was a bold, in your face, an it was yellow!

So here we go . . .

Spray-in Bedliner & Undercoating

To give the jeep a real professional and finished look, I went with a spray-in bedliner for the inside of the tub and rubberized undercoating for the underside of the body and engine bay. I used the 3M Rubberized Undercoating from a spray can from the local auto parts store and I thought it worked very well.