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Current Work

engine bayWell, I thought I was ready to give the engine a try at getting it to turning over for the first time. Boy was I wrong.

As I soon discovered, the starter would not engage the flywheel. The started seemed to be placed too far away from the teeth of the flywheel. I figured I must have had the wrong started and I was convinced that all I needed was the right combo to make all the parts play nice with each other in my FrankenJeep..

After several trips to various parts stores, I came up with what I thought would work. Well, it didn't. So I placed a call to one of many online suppliers of 4X4 parts and specifically Jeep and Bronco parts.

flywheelNo one had any idea what I was up against except for one. Mike @ knew exactly what I had done wrong. It seems Ford truck flywheels are an inch larger in diameter than Ford car flywheels. I had a truck bellhousing which requires a truck flywheel and won't play nice with a car flywheel. What I had, was a car flywheel installed.

Mike had all the parts I needed and suggested I make a small change to the hydraulic clutch as well since I was going to have to remove the tranny and clutch anyway. I originally had the bracket for the slave cylinder for the clutch welded to the inside of the frame. Mike believed this would cause some unusual clutch pedal control. I don't know if it would have been perceptible or not, but why test it. So I relocated the bracket to the bellhousing as it should have been from the start.