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Engine Reworked ... Again

The engine was finished about 8 years ago and sat patiently waiting for years. I almost sold it several time during this period but somehow it remained.

After 8 Years of Sitting
After Freshening Up
Ready To Roll ! ! !

I did a freshening up of the outside before the first installation (view the install here) but didn't think I was going to have to disassemble it before the final assembly took place. I decided to take it apart a few weeks ago and just take a look at the condition of the inside of the motor. After all, the cost of some gaskets was worth the piece of mind.

When my son and I removed the oil pan, I found a few insects had made the mistake of trying to setup house in the motor, not good. There was several insect bodies floating in the oil.

When we got to the heads, I found moisture and debris had somehow found its was into several cylinders. There was some corrosion and more insect remains that needed tending to.

I re-oiled everything and cleaned up the cylinders and after the reassembly, I am now confident in the engine being ready for duty. Besides, it look great!