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HydraBoost Brakes offer a few real advantages over a conventional vacuum boost system.

  1. Size, the overall diameter of the HydraBoost system is no more than the master cylinder itself. When space is an issue, as it is on a Flattie, this is a great alternative.
  2. Power, a conventional vacuum boost system will offer up to 1000 psi of braking power to the discs, a HydraBoost system can produce as much a 2500 psi to stop the rig.

How it works:

The HydraBoost system uses the power steering system's pump to boost the power applied to your brakes. If the power steering goes out, you still have the coventional brakes for backup. The system will function as if there were no power brakes at all.

The power steering fluid is routed from the pump through the HydraBoost system and then on to the power steering box. You don't loose any of the effect of the pump to the steering and it is a simple installation.