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And so the journey begins . . .

The "Before" picture is what the CJ3A (CJ-2A ?) looked like shortly after I bought it in 1993. I ran across the Jeep while returning home from a family reunion. I was passing through a small town in Georgia and saw the Willy sitting in a yard with a "For Sale" sign in its window.

I had to STOP! After all, this was just what I had been looking for. I have had several Jeeps and Flat Fendered Willys hold a special place in my Favorites List.

I took a short look at the Jeep, wrote down the phone number from the For Sale sign, and then continued home. The next day, I was on the phone. The fella selling the Jeep was asking $1200 for it and said it was drivable. I thought for a moment about driving it back home and then settled on hauling it on a car carrier.

The next weekend I was back in that small town in Georgia, car carrier in tow and $1200 in hand. I took a better look at the Willy and before I knew it, the Jeep was strapped down on the carrier and ready for the ride home. And yes, it was driven on to the carrier.